Future 2030

The Challenge.

CBRE were featuring a ‘future 2030’ themed-video at a NSW top 100 client event. Property wasn’t to be the focus – instead the video would look to the future of Sydney and the world with inspiring messaging and visuals. 

They wanted to use on-screen stats and projections to present bold possibilities for Sydney 2030’s environment, economy, technology and population. The video needed to follow a second theme of hope and potential while heroing CBRE’s newly rebranded look.

Our Approach.

We started with a simple idea, that the future can be an amazing place, then we used striking imagery and footage with a distinct Sydney flavour.

Overlaying the imagery is a poetic voiceover that is the true heart and soul of the video. Delivered in a spoken word style that is modern but not young, wise but not old and Australian, not ‘Aussie’ – the voiceover imagined this amazing future in engaging style.

The Result.

The final video is a clear but poetic window into what the future could be, encouraging viewers to look forward to endless possibilities with CBRE. 

That message is reinforced by simple but inspiring imagery – magnified by eye-opening statistics – and simplified by beautiful motion graphics.

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