Grabbing Audience Attention

If you’re decently active on social media, you’ve probably heard the news—Instagram is turning into a video-sharing platform. It’s joining the likes of YouTube and Tiktok. 

Great,’ I can hear you say. ‘More pressure to perform on the internet.’ 

We get it; creating social content – especially branded social content – can be daunting. But here’s the thing: everyone’s got the tools to create awesome, eye-catching, attention-grabbing social videos. 

We’re serious. 

Think of all those cute animal videos that have gone viral, all because their owner was smart enough to pull out their phone and jab the record button. 

The tools and the tech are there. All you really need is the technique.

So in the interest of making your life a little easier, we’ve decided to share some of the tricks, tips, and strategies we use to deliver great audio-visual content. 

These are just some of the things business leaders like yourself can use to grab the digital content bull by the metaphorical horns (if you must).

For everything else, give us a call. 

1. It’s All About Timing

According to a 2020 study by Microsoft Corp analysis of video, watchers indicates that users generally lose concentration at around 8 seconds—with the first 3 seconds being the most critical.

Yes, the human attention span is now less than a goldfish’s. Rather than lament this information, use it to your advantage. Tip number one? Hook your viewer within the first three seconds, and then keep the momentum going. According to Smart Insights, the average person spends roughly 100 minutes a day watching online videos. 

If each video runs for a minute and a half (and that’s a little too long now, given how prevalent short-form content is), that’s about 67 videos, give or take.

If you want to make sure your video beats its 66 daily competitors, you’ve got to hook them within the first three seconds. Know your audience, know what appeals to them, and use that for your video opening.

2. Get To The Point

This has to do, again, with the relationship between the average human attention span and the sheer volume of audio-visual content available online. There are simply too many videos out there for you to risk rambling in the cold open. If your audience isn’t interested in what you have to say within the first three to five seconds (I’m giving a bit of leeway), they’re going to scroll to the next one. 

A little bit of build-up is good – like asking a question, starting a story, or leading up to a dramatic reveal – but you can’t overdo it. A general rule of thumb with social media videos? Shorter is sweeter. Here’s our tip number two: get to the point as quickly – and creatively! – as you can. 

You want to make sure your viewers stick around long enough to hear your message and your call to action (the good old CTA) if you want to convert them through your video. 

3. Speak Confidently

According to psychology texts, we are more likely to listen to people who speak confidently and with “measured authority.” People who speak confidently are able to instil the same level of confidence in the people listening. People are more likely to think someone is in the right when they speak with genuine certainty.

Basically, confidence is contagious. 

If you’ve ever touched the public speaking sphere, you know that confidence and clarity are key terms in mastering this elusive art. You don’t have to be a certified public speaker to make a good video, but you do need confidence and clarity if you want to grab attention. Tip number three: nix the “um”s and the “uh”s. Be assertive with your message and speak with measured authority. Your audience is more likely to listen.

Bonus Tip: Use Text in Your Video

Most (if not all) social media platforms right now have made it so that videos automatically play when they’re scrolled upon. However, they’re also automatically muted. If a viewer wants sound, they’re going to have to switch it on themselves.

We can tell you right now, the majority of people who see your video aren’t going to unmute it—especially if they’re scrolling through their feed somewhere public. If you want to convert your audience with and without sound, use text. 

Open the video with text; a greeting, a question, subtitles of your voice-over, whatever the case may be. Use text generously throughout the video to provide context. Emphasise your message by writing it down.

Videos may be audio-visual, but you’ll be surprised how many people will happily sit through a completely silent video if the visuals are engaging enough.

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Grabbing Audience Attention

If you’re decently active on social media, you’ve probably heard the news—Instagram is turning into a video-sharing platform. It’s joining the likes of YouTube and

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