Australian Institute of Fitness

It All Starts Here


In order to position the Australian Institute of Fitness as the best choice for getting qualified and kick-starting a career in the fitness industry, we were tasked with creating a social campaign that highlighted the key strengths of their courses and culture.


Focusing on the message that “Every success story starts somewhere” we chose to show prospective students their potential through the real stories of successful graduates.

Capturing the graduates in their day to day lives, we explored how they started and progressed their careers. Shot documentary style with handheld cameras, the final product was natural and raw, uncovering personal stories, exploring accomplishments and inspiring others to realise they can achieve their ambitions too – and this is where it starts.


Motion Graphics
Graphic Design
After Effects


Online Content
Social Media



Australian Institute of Fitness


1 x 3.30 Online Video

4 x 2min Online Video

4 x 45sec Social Edit

4 x 15sec YouTube Pre-roll

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